Prophet’s Life Story
Imam Hossein’s Revolution
The Murder of Imam Hussayn, an epic poem 5 hrs. tape ($25)
Islamic Principles with music for children
Quran in Arabic & English translation (40 tapes – $60)
Quran in Arabic & Farsi translation (32 tapes – $50)

Islamic books in English for our youth

Quran with Arabic & English translation
Prophet’s Life Story
Prophet’s Hadith
Imam Ali’s Nahjul Balagheh
Imam Ali’s Life Story
Life Story of the 14 Infallables
Imam Hossein’s Story
Shia/Sunni’s Debate by Shaykh Tijani, Then I was Guided, Ask those who know
Imamat (moral leadership)
Ghadir Khom
Fatima Zahra’s Life Story
Salman Farci’s Life Story
Islam at a Glance
Islamic Identity
Doa Komail
Ketab Al Irshad Shaykh Mofid
Truth About the Bible & Quran