Dear Friend,

Islamic Center of Beverly Hills (ICBH) was established 15 years ago by a group of moderate, peaceful, Iranian Shia Muslim families who wanted to promote true Islamic values in our community, especially among our own youth. Our accomplishments are as follows:

We have published many Islamic books in English for our youth, we have produced many Islamic audio tapes and videotapes, for free distribution among Muslim families (please fax us your request, if you want one).

We have sent thousands of Qurans, other Islamic books and tapes to universities and prisons. Thousands of people have learned about peaceful Islam as a result of our efforts and guidance from Allah (SWT).

We thank all of the Momeneen for their support and their donations. Please continue your support and please remember us in your prayers.

We are Iranian-American Shea Muslims, America is our home, and we love America. It is our Islamic duty to protect and serve our religion, our family, our home and our community.

We support democracy, human rights, religious freedom, freedom of speech, and freedom of expression for all nations of the world. We support the doctrine, “One Nation Under God” and “In God We Trust” for America. We support justice and fairness for all mankind.

We believe the source of morality is revelation. We believe the world’s affairs must be resolved by revelation and reason – one without the other will not be sufficient.

We congratulate President Bush for his re-election of 4 more years. God bless you all.