Islamic Center of Beverly Hills (ICBH) was founded by a group of dedicated young Muslims raised in the United States, Now, these young Muslims realize the importance of addressing the ignorance of the American public towards Islam and Muslims worldwide.

Our Goals

Promote Islam in America and raise moral values in our communities

To promote Islamic values among the Muslim youth in America.

To encourage the young Muslims to maintain and be proud of their Muslim identity.

Promote interfaith understanding and communications amongst the three Ibrahamic monotheistic religions. i.e. Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

To establish an Islamic Center in the Beverly Hills/ West Los Angeles Area.

Our Belief

Islam is the solution to America’s current moral and social problems

We would like to see America as the moral leader of the world

The Islamic movement in America needs slight correction in its course to be more effective

Islam is the Qur’an. the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (pbuh), is according to his Ahlul Bayt and Golden Chain of Narration (12 sinless Imams)

Islamic identity must be maintained both in Zaher (outwardly appearance) and in Baten (inwardly character and personality)

We are eagerly seeking young Muslims who are proud of their religious heritage and are interested in promoting Islamic values Please join us in our quest to spread Islam in America.