Frequently Employed Casino Slang Terms

A gamer’s appetite for gambling is furnished by the sense of adventure in the exclusive games that they cherish. Another enticing aspect is being a part of the casino world – relishing the divergent experiences bestowed by online and land-based casinos.

While gambling lingo is not a necessity while playing in an online casino at the comfort of your house savouring your favourite beverage, however, at a brick-and-mortar casino you since you would not favour the idea of being a loner you should know the terminologies. Trust me, and this is going to enhance your confidence and elevate that hearty smile of yours! The next time you are on your trip to Las Vegas – the showstopper of the gambling industry – will facilitate your magnified poise as you relax at a blackjack table like a hotshot.

The Casino Glossary


Represents a player’s resolve to expand the bet with everything he presently holds in the game. This term is generally used in the phrase “to go all-in.” At the same time, playing poker, to go all-in means to move all the chips of the player into the pot. This is primarily applied in Texas Hold’em, which requires other players to equal the bet to continue playing else they have to fold.


Beginner’s Luck

The unexpected accolades of a beginner. It seems like Lady Luck is beside them as a new gambler live mobile slots malaysia, but then alas! She disappears. This phase is often referred to as the “honeymoon period.” New gamblers may encounter what is comprehended as a winning stroke—the notion of equating their success to being a new gambler.

Black Book

Refers to a catalogue of people officially banned from casinos. A popular term in land-based casinos. GCB Excluded Person List is the database by Nevada’s Gaming Control Board. This database includes personal details of the boycotted individuals. The information apportioned among the casinos is embraced in the Griffin Book. The significant chunk of people in the black book is either convicted or suspected of involving in organised crime.

Card Washing

The move of shuffling cards to avert constancy. The croupier employs the process to secure cards that are shuffled. To prevent any inconsistencies, the dealer washes the cards in a circular motion, followed by a standard shuffle. The reason being the new decks arrive in sequential order; therefore, there exists the necessity of the new decks to be randomised. In poker, card washing is widespread and can be equipped in any form of casino game that involves a deck of cards.


Eye in the Sky

To examine casino activity from atop, a video surveillance system is fixed on the ceiling. An exclusive term associated with land-based casinos. Almost all brick-and-mortar casinos have ultra-modern security systems and trained personnel, with the technology facet being crucial. To eliminate any cheating prospects, they have state-of-the-art systems that enable facial recognition and the ability to zoom in on the players’ hands.

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